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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

X marks the spot

*wow*  My hair is actually getting fluffy.  I never thought I'd have real hair again.  Sorry, was taken this in semi-dark, surprised it turned out.

I know, everyone gets photos in bathrooms.  This was at the fitness center last week after a workout, first time in at ~least~ 4 years that I've been able to pin my hair back.  Still looks a little thin, but two years ago there wasn't enough hair under there to even see hair, thanx to illness and meds, so I'm thrilled.

I used to joke about getting my scalp tattooed with a pirate map all over, with an island with a wandering dotted line and a big red X to mark the treasure, and ocean waves with sea monsters, little ships, a couple of little palm trees on the island, etc.  Not sure I could ever wear a wig, I get hot and itchy so fast I'd be ripping it off.  I'm sure I'd be a collector of cool scarves and doo rags.  Anyhoo, hair is coming *back*, huzzah!  Hope this lasts.