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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

years later...

I didn't realize how hard my hair post was getting hit all this time, it's all-time top post ever on this blog from all over the world, so I guess quite a few of us are having hair issues with illness and aging.

Here is my hair right now. I'm in a healthy phase with some regrowth after a really rough fall and winter with continual loss that got so bad I chopped my hair again in January. Stress was horrible while my dad was dying and extra family in my house, all is much better now, especially as I'm getting back to fresh raw veg and lots of quality protein and hydrating better. I also tapered off gabapentin, huge changes all over as that happened.

You can see top in front is still a little thin.

But I'm able to use a small puff of mousse nowadays (not near scalp) to help fluff a little.

Finally got some real gray coming in, sure took it's sweet time.

Remember, you are the one who controls your health. Don't despair, ok? If I can come back from a decade of health fail to the point of becoming crippled and losing my hair, you can too! It takes time, in my case, I've been dealing with this since 2004 when my health started crashing hard and didn't make a turnaround until 2008, and didn't really show much improvement until 2011. Since then I've had ups and downs but as long as I'm stringent about avoiding carb loading and sweet drinks, I seem to be able to stay in control overall and have never (yet) slid back into full health fail.

You can do this. 💖