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Friday, April 3, 2020


I guess it would be nice of me to let you guys know I haven't croaked off yet or anything.

I'm actually in pretty good shape. Between getting completely off wheat and controlling seasonal allergies (these are the two things that seem to be the mile markers), I haven't had autoimmune flare since 2014.

Blood pressure definitely tied to pain level, salt, and meds. Pain level tied to diabetic neuralgia and controlled with diet and physical therapy, nearly completely off all pain meds now, nearly done with gabapentin taper.

My stress level and PTSD is coming more to light now, see latest personal blog, should be in the right column. Memory problems possibly related to dissociation from traumas. Working on that.

After some of the illness fails I've been through, I can't imagine covid being any worse, and I mostly stay home anyway, so I'm not worrying.

But yeah, still here. Just lazy. 😄