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Sunday, January 31, 2016


Not sure wazzup, maddening twitching all over my face today for several hours now. I think a lot of it is optic nerve overload/response, awfully bright out this morning, inside of my house almost glows because the walls are so light colored. Also might partly be related to most of my neck, face, and head feeling numbish all day yesterday.

When this first happened a couple of years ago I couldn't tell where it started, now I can tell it starts with a spot in my neck where ASTYM therapists discovered a hard capsule of scar tissue in between a couple of cervical processes and worked it down over a couple of weeks making sure I could rotate freely without a catch there anymore when I look to my left. I'd lived with it so long that I couldn't even imagine it not being there.

Anyway, it seems to be a little more sensitive again lately, and I think it's because I'm transitioning to Jawn. It's a very slim lappy and not sitting on a cooling table, so I'm sitting more above it with my arms more down. I've also had to readjust the display a few times so I can read the screen, kept catching myself jutting my face forward to see better and that's hell on necks.

So I'm not sure if what I'm feeling is nerve being less tortured now, or more tortured. I've had to stop a lot more again and work on nerve glides and just plain rest. Can tell driving and carrying groceries this week didn't help at all, although the pain level hasn't been too horrible. Numbness is a freakish thing to feel, and very hard to tell if it's better than pain or if it means a nerve is shutting down instead of coming back online running diagnostics (they really do that, I've been through loads of nerve healing), and all this twitching today is very distracting. My main solace is that I can still feel the roof of my mouth just fine. I'm used to not feeling about half my sinus, not sure that particular nerve damage will ever come back online, and is probably part of the reason I let allergies and colds and stuff get so bad before I do anything about them.

Whatever is going on, my whole face feels like it's percolating, like all the little nerve tips all over my skin are pinging around like little raindrops or something, kind of the way it feels when the numby shot from the dentist starts wearing off.

We're also noticing I've been a bit more snarky-crabby last couple of days. I remember I used to get like this at the tail end of ten-day antibiotics. Ug.

Just needed to write it down and get it out of my head so I can keep focusing on other things.