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Saturday, June 21, 2014

just dance

One of those days, been moving continually since 4 a.m., what I call racing the pain. Was doing fine yesterday, no probs picking up burrito and sitting on the floor with her, but later after she was gone I sat on the floor on a pillow and ~locked up~. So I took a pill, went to bed, slept great for almost six hours. That usually makes it all better.

Not today.

Holy cow.

So I'm simultaneously epic failing my original intentions but actually getting quite a lot done because keeping myself super occupied while this insane gridlock around a major joint works itself out trumps taking another pill and laying around all day and winding up with the same muscle results but not getting anything done.

Always something. Really looking forward to being able to move normally again. And sit longer than a minute. This post has been under construction for nearly an hour, but boy howdy, the chrome in my kitchen sink is really shiny now.

Moving on.