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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

latex, latex all around


Assessed out of PT 3 days early because progress on referral area has been so fantastic.

Unfortunate accidental latex exposure while I was there. (Stretchy band stuff, touched by someone who'd had their hands all over them.) Thank goodness for the extra benadryl and emergency pred stash I carry around in my epi-purse, because...

First time I was ever turned away during allergic response from an open clinic that had an urgent care sign because they purportedly had no provider in the building and didn't even offer triage. Wound up driving 20 miles over to another urgent care. Hey, this is how we roll in the Ozarks. By the way, first hour self treating (thank goodness for experience) is kinda tense in stupid traffic.

Traffic ironies galore- the one day I need speed and smooth sailing is the day I can't turn left against a funeral with 40 cars going by, the day I get caught behind two tar trucks bottlenecking a major highway, the day I wind up behind a very loaded tree trimmer navigating a busy intersection during a lunch rush, and then wind up behind the most careful older person in a big luxury car ever slowing down to 20 mph on a street there's no way I can pass on. If airway had blown up, even 9-1-1 would've taken forever to get to me, sooooo glad I carry pred everywhere I go.

It all starts innocently enough, people don't think about something they touch transferring to everything else they touch and then handing things off to people, like printouts with notes all over them. Then all it takes is a little itch around my nose and mouth during one of the biggest histamine months of the year (ragweed and cottonwood) to rub latex dust on my face because I didn't wash my hands after PT (using alcohol doesn't 'kill' latex, it's not a germ), and the next couple of hours turn into lip and tongue puffing up, roof of my mouth puffing up, barely being able to swallow even just a drink of water much less the cheese stick I brought for lunch (choked solid on a cheese stick), and my chest feeling like it's super taped up and I can't get a breath in properly.

I'd already had zyrtec with my breakfast, but that barely even keeps ragweed reaction under control. I took benadryl before I went into PT because I always take benadryl going into buildings around other people, just in case. I took more benadryl over the first reaction hour once I noticed it happening, only so much benadryl you can take. Got the pred down and spent another ridiculous hour getting myself to medical assistance just in case.

So this week I'm on my second pred burst in 3 months over latex, hafta spend my week avoiding carbs and glucose testing all day long, is it any wonder I'm a hermit and hate leaving my house.

The following links click to more very useful information. Please visit these sites if you think you might have problems with latex.

Latex allergy advice- Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy
"No treatments are yet available to cure natural rubber latex allergy. The best 'treatment' is to avoid exposure to latex. Medications are available to temporarily alleviate symptoms... You need to avoid all latex products. The biggest risk comes from contact with rubber gloves, not just in the medical or dental setting. Balloons, household gloves, gardening gloves, many adhesives and condoms can cause a severe reaction if you use them.

Please tell your doctor or dentist about your 'latex allergic status' when asked about 'drug allergy'. Remember to inform anyone else likely to perform a procedure on you (even your hairdresser!). Wear a 'medic alert' disc and carry a letter of explanation from your allergy specialist.
Have a first aid kit available. Epipen is a safe and easy form of self injectable adrenaline, but remember to keep a check on the expiry date."

Latex allergy- Mayo Clinic
Note- "Latex allergy also is related to certain foods, such as avocados, bananas, chestnuts, kiwis and passion fruits. These foods contain some of the same allergens found in latex. If you're allergic to latex, you have a greater chance of also being allergic to these foods."

Cross Reactive Food- American Latex Allergy Association
"Degree of Association or Prevalence

High (4)
Banana, Avocado, Chestnut, Kiwi

Moderate (7)
Apple, Carrot, Celery, Papaya, Potato, Tomato, Melons"

In the waiting room- whoever designed this carpeting is a genius. The fibers are woven so that it all just looks smudged, everything I thought could be a puke or blood stain turned out to be a trick of the eyes the way they haphazardly staggered the blue through everything, almost like the entire carpet was going through pixel fail. I was pretty fascinated with it.

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